Hey beauties!

My name is TashaMat. I’m a hair blogger and natural hair advocate based in Harare, Zimbabwe. This is my blog, where I share about  one type of hair only…healthy hair! I am passionate about DIY hair care on how to maintain it. Below is a more detailed info about me:

About her

Name: Natasha (Mubare) Matipano

Degree: BSc Hon Creative Art and Design

Career title: Illustrator, Hair Blogger, Founder & Hair Accessory Stylist TashaMat Hair Crwns.

Age: 26 years

Q: More About Myself And My Academic Background?

Tasha: Born Natasha Mubare and I was born in Kwekwe and raised in Mutare, Zimbabwe. A mom to MuMu and wife to TiNo. I currently hold a Bachelor degree in Creative Art and Design.

In my college years, had the privilege to be exposed more in the fashion industry. Participating at the Zimbabwe Fashion Week in 2013 under the ZFW Young Fashion Designer Competition. Did a couple of fashion and runway designs e.g Fashion Indaba Bulawayo in 2013, my fashion design dreams didn’t die but my strength was in fashion illustrations. I have always wanted to have a clothing line but well…

Q: What Inspired Me To Start My Brand And Business?

Tasha: In 2017, started hair blogging as a hobby. I was so passionate about DIY hair care after my hard mashona type failed to cooperate with all hair relaxers. TashaMat Hair Diaries started off as a movement to advocate about natural hair and to build one type of hair only..HEALTHY HAIR! But now venturing into DIY hair accessories which are affordable and healthy natural remedies that help us grow a beautiful nappy.

So in 2018, I really wanted to start a hair accessory line starting off with headwraps but then decided to expand my dream, goal and vision into a wider selection of hair accessories that are handmade with love.

Q: What Are Some Of The Challenges I Am Facing? And How To Overcome These Challenges?

In the beginning of year when I wrote the concept for my brand, I was not really sure if I was ready to launch it. My brand of satin bonnets, scrunches, headwraps is basically a handmade craft that I can only do on weekends. Economic challenges, strikes and all really affected me. Most of my suppliers are in the CBD of Harare and having various barriers this was my set back. I started using the few items I had to make samples that I could try out and my husband will do the quality check lol. Trying to balance out work, family and starting off is really a hassle.Making time for all the circle of my life that demand love.

However, I am taking baby steps to grow the brand and deliver. At the moment building up some online presence, sorting out online shop, developing a website, looking for reliable suppliers who don’t charge me an arm and a leg… at the moment I am building a brand nothing much to. Its never easy to build something/ becoming an entrepreneur/building a brand but some lessons learnt…

During this process, I learned that it’s not healthy and helpful to criticise yourself too much. If you do so, it becomes harder to adopt a positive behaviour towards your work. And yes, it is good to set goals and to be driven in a way to achieve them all. However, rather ask for help, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Personally, I love to do everything by myself (but this is my previous experience in the fashion industry…suppliers failed me). Have patience with yourself and reach out to those who are experts. Focus on how to improve and move on.

My Hair My Crown Events! What Are Some Of The Key Things I Want My Clients To Take Away From Attending?

I will also be hosting masterclasses/hair sessions/ meet and greet events for naturalistas around Harare for starters. This will also bring the hair gurus like stylist, hair product makers and saloon owners together to promote beauty and authenticity in every human. To feel good inside and out.

I want my clients to feel empowered, energised and ready to use their own capabilities to wear their hair accessories in creative, classy, and comfy styles. I also want my clients to have a fun, meaningful and interactive experience. So be it the night care routine satin bonnets, the African print dhuku, the scrunchies, head scarves etc they should flaunt it naturally!!! with an African pride

Q: How Do I Want My Brand To Inspire And Contribute To The Well-Being Of My Community?

I would like my brand to be an empowerment and lifestyle brand which aims to bring women together in order to equip them with the art of African inspired projects. Secondly, it is a space for women to have a deeper connection and build community with other women. That Proverbs 31 Women.

Since last year, I have been taking part in a project Hair Conversations with Shingai Ziki, Tariro Mai Judah and Chenesai Mangoma in building inter-generational conversations that bridge the gap in the various ages. The platform opened to more conversation taht had to do with hair, life and authenticity and one of the issues is on mental health in the Black Society.

Q: In My Own Opinion, What Are Some Of The Main Skills Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs Should Acquire To Become Successful In Their Career Or Business?

Be open-minded, disciplined and committed to whatever you are involved in. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to develop great listening skills. I believe it makes you a good business partner. Especially, in the first phase of your start-up, you need a healthy and rich environment. For example, it’s very important to have trustworthy people in your life who can counsel you along the way.

Secondly, networking is a skill that you will develop through experience. You literally have to push yourself into the masses to connect with people within your field and outside as well. Also, don’t be afraid to present your brand with confidence.

Q: What Advice Would I Give To Young People Who Want To Start Their Own Brand Or Business, But Still Feel Quite Doubtful About Becoming An Entrepreneur?

You don’t have to wait until your plan or concept is perfect. Even with the basic necessities, you can start something (don’t take anything for granted). Surround yourself with like-minded people, be willing to learn, because learning does not stop when you hold an academic degree. Entrepreneurial lifestyle is a journey, which asks for a lot of patience, motivation and hard work.

You can contact me on: natashamub@gmail.com